1. Power Rangers is now on Netflix

After years of trying to track down episodes from the many, and various, Power Rangers seasons. No longer will fans have to scour Youtube, Megaupload, and the numerous video streaming websites. Saban, the original owner of Power Rangers since its beginning as Mighty Morphin up to Wild Force, has partnered with Netflix and now has all seasons of Power Rangers, with the exception of the on-going season titled Power Rangers Samurai.

Power Rangers on Netflix Announcement

Power Rangers first aired in 199 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which lasted three seasons, the longest running of all Power Rangers sagas. After Mighty Morphin there was Zeo, where the power rangers received new powers from the zeo crystal.   Power Rangers Turbo followed with, you guessed it, a car theme. Following the destruction of the command center, yet again, the rangers went into space to save their captured mentor, intergalactic floating head, Zordon. Once in space the rangers met up with a Humanoid alien who gave them their new powers, beginning Power Rangers in Space. After Power Rangers in Space ended Saban started the tradition of an entire new cast for each season.

With Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, a brand new cast and new adventures set off in a colony spaceship trying to find other worlds to colonize. Light Speed Rescue followed with an underwater military base as HQ, rescue squad styled rangers, and the first ever ranger that was made solely for Light Speed Rescue. Time Force followed suit with four police rangers from the future going back in time to apprehend the seasons villain, in the past they meet up with their red ranger. This season was the first time fans got to see a pink ranger take a leadership role. Power Rangers Wild Force was the final season for Saban before Disney bought the rights. This season was in a license limbo, being a season that both Disney and Saban had their hands in.

Ninja Storm was the first season that Disney fully controlled and as you guessed it, it was a ninja season that started with three rangers and eventually grew to the typical six. Next was Dino Thunder, where the prodigal son of power rangers returned, you guessed it. TOMMY IS BACK! The Green Dragon Ranger, the White Tiger Ranger, the White Falcon Ranger, the Red Zeo Ranger and the Red Turbo Ranger for a time is back in action as the Black Dino Ranger. SPD followed and was Time Force with aliens, police type rangers hunting down alien criminals. Mystic Force followed with the theme of wizards, knights, and dragons. Operation Overdrive was next in line, where the rangers searched the globe for powerful gems. Jungle Fury followed the theme of martial arts and the use of spirit animals. RPM was the final Disney season, and was rumored to be the final season period, and they pulled out all the stops. It’s based on a domed city that is the last hope for civilization that the rangers have to protect.

After RPM Saban bought the rights back from Disney and started Power Rangers Samurai, which as you can guess, is about Samurai. Saban went back to its roots with the feel of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, they even brought back Bulk as comical humor. We will see if Saban can bring Power Rangers back to its golden days.

Remember those golden days? If not you will after watching this video

Power Rangers can be viewed on Netflix  here

Never use your power for personal gain,
Never escilate a battle unless you are forced to,
Always keep your identiy a secret, no one may know that you are a power ranger.
May the power protect you.